Liam has been directing for the past 7 years. his first project shot in 2015, 'fired', screened at the BFI future film festival and was broadcast on the London live network.
since then he has gone on to direct and produce over 10 film projects, receiving a number of awards and screenings both domestically and abroad. most notably is his most recent film, 'The Last Union', which won the london 48hr film project 2021, placed 3rd at filmapalooza 2022 and screened at the PALAIs du festival in cannes.
his directing style strongly focuses on talent performance, closely working with actors to get them comfortable with a role and allowing them the creative freedom to bring their own spin to a character or scene.
having completed several short film challenges, including the London 48hr film project, he has also developed a talent for telling simple yet effective narratives that fully realise satisfying character story arcs.

For more information about Liam's previous work history, please follow the links below to view his social pages.

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